If you have a case involving Chapter 245 vested rights, zoning changes, and distance restrictions on alcohol sales read this 71 page opinion

FLCT, Ltd. and Field Street Development I, Ltd. v. City of Frisco, Texas, 02-14-00335-CV (Tex. App.- Fort Worth, May 26th 2016) Owners are two partnerships that own adjacent property in Frisco. FLCT’s tract is located on the actual corner; Field’s … Continue reading


Payday loan company has no jurisdiction to challenge City ordinance regulating payday loans says Fort Worth Court of Appeals

ACE Cash Express, Inc. v. The City of Denton, Texas 02-14-00146-CV (Tex. App. – Fort Worth, June 4, 2015). This is a case involving a company’s attempt to invalidate a city ordinance regulating credit access businesses in which the Fort … Continue reading


Because developer did not ascertain reason for City’s plat denial, no justiciable controversy exists

The Village of Tiki Island v. Premier Tierra Holdings, Inc., 14-14-00629-CV (Tex. App. – Houston [14th Dist.], March 24, 2015) The Plaintiff sought a declaratory judgment action to determine vested development rights under Chapter 245 of the Texas Local Government … Continue reading

Suit against City employee, individually, dismissed, but ultra-vires claims remain even under Sec. 101.106 of Civil Practice and Remedies Code

Charles N. Draper v. Greg Guernsey, in his Capacity as Director of Planning and Development Watershed Protection Review Department; and City of Austin, 03-14-00265-CV (Tex. App. – Austin, February 25, 2015). This is a land-use dispute but the opinion focuses … Continue reading