County must sue AG, not individual concealed handgun license holder, in dispute over courthouse sign says 1st District Court of Appeals

  Terry Holcomb, Sr. v. Waller County, 01-16-01005-CV, (Tex. App. – Houston [1st Dist.], March 15, 2018) This is a concealed handgun/courthouse civil suit where the First District Court of Appeals reversed a declaratory judgment for the County. The Waller … Continue reading


Austin Court of Appeals holds parts of Texas Highway Beautification Act unconstitutional

  Auspro enterprises, LP v. Texas Department of Transportation,03-14-00375-CV (Tex. App— Austin , August 26,2016) In this case the Austin Court of Appeals held unconstitutional part of the Texas Highway Beautification Act (“Act”) in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s … Continue reading


City’s billboard registration fee determined to be unconstitutional tax

Reagan National Advertising of Austin, Inc. d/b/a Reagan National Advertising v. City of Austin, Texas; and Marc A. Ott, being sued in his Official Capacity 03-15-00370-CV (Tex. App.- Austin, June 15, 2016) This is a case to determine whether a … Continue reading

Changing tri-display billboard to LED billboard is a reconstruction and not merely a change in “electrical wiring or devices” so required a permit

Garrett Operators, Inc. v. City of Houston, 01-13-00767-CV (Tex. App. – Houston [1st Dist.], January 22, 2015) Garrett Operators, Inc. (“Garrett”) filed a declaratory judgment action against the City of Houston (“the City”) regarding the application and interpretation of the … Continue reading

Billboard company can sue for inverse condemnation even though it failed to exhaust admin remedies

City of Grapevine and Grapevine Board of Adjustment v. CBS Outdoor, Inc., 02-12-00040-CV (Tex. App. – Fort Worth, September 19, 2013). The City of Grapevine and its Board of Adjustment appealed the order denying its plea to the jurisdiction relating … Continue reading