San Antonio Court of Appeals holds river authority can be compelled to attend contract arbitration

San Antonio River Authority v. Austin Bridge & Road, L.P. and Hayward Baker Inc. 04-16-00535-CV ( Tex.App— San Antonio, August 9, 2017) This is an interesting case where the issue of sovereign immunity impacts whether an entity is a “party’ … Continue reading


Dallas Court of Appeals dismisses referendum/mandamus claims against council but allows mandamus claims to go forward to trial against City Secretary

City of Plano, Texas, et al. v. Elizabeth Carruth, et al.  05-16-00573-CV (Tex. App— Dallas, February 23, 2017) This is a referendum case where the Dallas Court of Appeals dismissed all but one of the Plaintiffs’ claims under a plea … Continue reading


Austin Court of Appeals grants TABC plea to the jurisdiction in PIA lawsuit by requestor

McLane Company, Inc. v. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, et al., No.03-16-00415-CV (Tex. App. – Austin, February 1, 2017). This is a Texas Public Information Act (“PIA”) request lawsuit where the Austin Court of Appeals affirmed the granting of several pleas … Continue reading


Trial court in error for denying defendant’s designation of responsible third party even after SOL deadline says San Antonio Court of Appeals

In re Cleo Bustamante, Jr., 04-16-00333-CV (Tex.App— San Antonio, November 23,2016) This is a mandamus case of interest to litigators primarily who deal with proper designations for responsible third parties. The Fourth Court of Appeals, sitting en banc, determined it … Continue reading


Trial court ordered to rule on plea to the jurisdiction within one day of order by Court of Appeals since it failed to rule for ten months

In Re: Texas Health Resources, 05-16-01135-CV (Tex. App. – Dallas, October 12, 2016) This is a mandamus matter and helpful to any litigators who have had difficulty getting a judge to rule on a dispositive motion. Texas Health Resources (“THR”) … Continue reading


Town’s Interlocutory appeal timely under scheduling order, but permissive appeal by Plaintiff was untimely

Sarah Swanson v. Town of Shady Shores, 02-15-00351-CV (Tex.App— Fort Worth, August 18,2016) This is a Texas Whistleblower Act, Texas Open Meetings Act, due process, free speech and Sabine Pilot case, but the main thrust of the appeal is litigation/appellate … Continue reading


Trial court properly declined to appoint condemnation commission before hearing plea to the jurisdiction says Texas Supreme Court

In Re Lazy W District No. 1. , 15-0117 (Tex. May 27, 2016) This original mandamus proceeding involves two governmental entities, one of which petitioned for condemnation of a water pipeline easement across the other’s land. The Tarrant Regional Water … Continue reading