City not required to adopt formal criteria for non-consent tow list and may consider intangible/subjective factors

 Integrity Collision Center v. City of Fulshear, No. 15-20560 ( 5th Cir. September 20,2016) This is an injunction case where a tow-truck company sued to compel the City to include it in the City’s non-consent tow list. The U.S. Court … Continue reading


If you have a case involving Chapter 245 vested rights, zoning changes, and distance restrictions on alcohol sales read this 71 page opinion

FLCT, Ltd. and Field Street Development I, Ltd. v. City of Frisco, Texas, 02-14-00335-CV (Tex. App.- Fort Worth, May 26th 2016) Owners are two partnerships that own adjacent property in Frisco. FLCT’s tract is located on the actual corner; Field’s … Continue reading


Texas Supreme Court holds general law city cannot extend building codes into ETJ

Town of Lakewood Village v Bizios, 15-0106 (Tex. May 27, 2016) This is an interlocutory appeal from a temporary-injunction order regarding whether a Type A general-law municipality has authority to enforce its building codes and building-permit requirements within its extraterritorial … Continue reading


County employee entitled to proceed with “regarded as” disability claim after completing treatment for tuberculosis; all other claims dismissed under plea to the jurisdiction

El Paso County, Texas v. Mary Lou Vasquez 08-15-00086-CV  (Tex. App.- El Paso, May 5th 2016) This is an employment discrimination/retaliation case where the El Paso Court of Appeals reversed in part and affirmed in part the denial of the … Continue reading


City can sue for damages to property values due to nuisance for acts occurring outside ETJ says Amarillo Court of Appeals.

  Town of DISH, et al v. Enbridge Gathering (North Texas) L.P., et al.,  07-13-00391-CV (Tex. App. – Amarillo, June 1, 2015) This is a consolidation of three separate cases with multiple parties and multiple defendants with certain procedural complexities. … Continue reading

Appellant did not submit court records, so waived takings and structural standards appeal

Samuel T. Russell v. City of Dallas, 05-13-00061-CV (Tex. App. – Dallas, May 16, 2014). This is a substandard building case where Russell challenged the demolition of a building on his property and brought a takings claim against the City. … Continue reading

Takings claim can be heard in appeal from demolition order says Waco Court of Appeals

City of Bryan/Building and Standards Commission v. Kenneth Cavitt, 10-13-00259-CV (Tex. App. – Waco, May 8, 2014). This is an interlocutory appeal from the denial of a plea to the jurisdiction in a structural standards case. The Waco Court of … Continue reading