Supervisor’s directive that employee “snitch” on anything going wrong is not “criminal activity” under the Texas Whistleblower Act

Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas v. Ronald Williams 01-17-00724-CV (Tex. App—Houston, January 25, 2018) This is a Texas Whistleblower Act suit where the First District Court of Appeals in Houston reversed the denial of the employer’s plea to … Continue reading

Dallas Court of Appeals holds ex-police officer failed to establish his termination was in retaliation for whistleblower report of “pronoun confusion” in PD assault report

Michael Hackbarth v. University of Texas at Dallas  05-16-01250-CV (Tex. App— Dallas, January 4, 2018) This is a Texas Whistleblower Act case where the Dallas Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court’s granting of the University’s motion for summary judgment. … Continue reading


TOMA posting inside City Hall with a “cancelled” stamp on an agenda controlled, regardless of other agendas says 13th Court of Appeals

City of Donna, Texas, David Simmons, Jose Garza, Simon Sauceda, Irene Munoz and Sonia Gallegos v. Oscar Ramirez 13-16-00619-CV (Tex.App— Corpus Christi, November 9, 2017) This is a Texas Whistleblower Act case where the Corpus Christi Court of Appeals affirmed … Continue reading


Austin Court of Appeals holds supervisor without law-enforcement powers can still qualify as appropriate law enforcement authority for Whistleblower Act purposes

Rebekha Montie v. Bastrop County,03-16-00123(Tex. App— Austin, October 19, 2016) This is a Texas Whistleblower Act case where the Austin Court of Appeals reversed the granting of the County’s plea to the jurisdiction and remanded the case for trial. Rebekha … Continue reading


Town’s Interlocutory appeal timely under scheduling order, but permissive appeal by Plaintiff was untimely

Sarah Swanson v. Town of Shady Shores, 02-15-00351-CV (Tex.App— Fort Worth, August 18,2016) This is a Texas Whistleblower Act, Texas Open Meetings Act, due process, free speech and Sabine Pilot case, but the main thrust of the appeal is litigation/appellate … Continue reading


Failure to give affirmative defense in jury instruction was harmful error in Whistleblower Case says Fort Worth Court of Appeals

Fort Worth Independent School District v. Joseph Palazzolo, 02-14-00262-CV (Tex. App– Fort Worth, July 7, 2016) This is a Whistleblower case where the Fort Worth Court of Appeals reversed a jury award for the employee and ordered a new trial. … Continue reading