Texas Supreme Court holds constables work for a “police department” and are allowed to collectively bargain

  Jefferson County, Texas v. Jefferson county constables association, 16-0498, — S.W. 3d. – (April 13, 2018) The Texas Supreme Court ends a split in the circuits and holds constables are “police officers”  who work for a “police department” for … Continue reading


Trial court had jurisdiction to determine if certain jobs should be classified as civil service, but not to award backpay

City of Amarillo, Texas, et al. v. Nathan Sloan Nurek and Michael Brandon Stennett, 07-17-00120-CV (Tex. App. Amarillo — March 21, 2018) This is a civil service lawsuit where the Amarillo Court of Appeals reversed-in-part the denial of the City’s … Continue reading


Dallas Court of Appeals disagrees with El Paso Court of Appeals and holds civil service commission dismissal of grievance is still subject to appeal to district court

Rodney D. Bailey v. Dallas County, et al.,  05-16-00789-CV (Tex. App. – Dallas, December 21, 2017) This is a county civil service case where the Dallas Court of Appeals affirmed-in-part and reversed-in-part the County Defendants’ plea to the jurisdiction filed … Continue reading


4th Court of Appeals holds City’s “evergreen clause” in collective bargaining agreement does not create unconstitutional debt

  City of San Antonio v. San Antonio Firefighters’ Association, Local 624, 04-15-00819-CV (Tex. App. – San Antonio, August 23, 2017). This is a permissive appeal, which was allowed by the court, where the City requested the Court of Appeals … Continue reading


Filing post-submission brief of hearing examiner’s opinion in a related civil service case was potentially an unlawful means of obtaining a hearing examiner opinion in second case says Austin Court of Appeals

Michelle Gish v. City of Austin, Texas 03-14-00017-CV (Tex. App.- Austin, May 11th 2016) This is a Civil Service Act case where the Third Court of Appeals reversed the granting of the City’s plea to the jurisdiction and remanded the … Continue reading


Officer waived his right to appeal in last chance agreement so trial court was without jurisdiction said Austin Court of Appeals

The City of Austin Firefighters’ and police Officers’ Civil Service Commission, et al v William M. Stewart, No. 03-15-00591-CV (Tex. App. – Austin, April 14, 2016) This is a civil service employment dispute where the Austin Court of Appeals reversed … Continue reading

Amarillo Court of Appeals overrules AG opinion and holds civil service video examinations are excepted from public disclosure under collective bargaining agreement

Captain Edwin Scott Hilburn v. The City of Houston, Texas; and Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas 07-15-00158-CV (Tex. App. – Amarillo, January 21, 2016). This is a Public Information Act (“PIA”) case involving promotional examination documentation. The City conducted … Continue reading

Officer’s termination based on DA’s decision not to accept her cases was disciplinary in nature under Civil Service Act says 3rd Court of Appeals

Stephanie Hoskins Brown v. The City of Georgetown, et al. 03-14-00231-CV (Tex. App. – Austin, September 22, 2015) This is a civil service case where the threshold question is whether an officer’s termination was disciplinary in nature or the result … Continue reading