San Antonio Court of Appeals holds river authority can be compelled to attend contract arbitration

San Antonio River Authority v. Austin Bridge & Road, L.P. and Hayward Baker Inc. 04-16-00535-CV ( Tex.App— San Antonio, August 9, 2017) This is an interesting case where the issue of sovereign immunity impacts whether an entity is a “party’ … Continue reading


14th Court of Appeals holds taxpayers have standing to challenge ballot propositions and bring ultra vires claims

Slvester Turner,  in his official capacity as mayor of the City of Houston, and the City of Houston v. Carroll G. Robinson, Bruce R. Hotze and Jefferey N. Daily, No.14-16-00393-CV ( Houston [ 14th Dist.] August 17, 2017) The Fourteenth … Continue reading


Texas Supreme Court changes the standards for terminating police officers under Chapter 614

Colorado County, et al., v Marc Staff, NO. 15-0912 (Tex., February 3, 2017). This is a Chapter 614 law enforcement termination case where the Texas Supreme Court changed some of the standards for investigating, disciplining, and terminating police officers.  The … Continue reading


Dallas Court of Appeals holds taxpayer suit to prevent payment to Paxton special prosecutors was moot and not ripe.

 Jeffory Blackard v. Attorney Pro Tem Kent A. Schaffer, et al.,05-16-00408-CV (Tex.App— Dallas, January 18, 2017) A taxpayer sued Collin County, various County officials and the special appointed prosecutors assigned to represent the state in criminal matters against the current … Continue reading


Petitioner did not conclusively establish charter amendment petition was valid; but city did not prove it was not valid so case remanded

City of Galena Park, Et Al. v. Barry Ponder, 14-15-00708-CV (Tex.App— Houston [ 14th Dist.] October 25, 2016) In this suit to compel a charter amendment election, the 14th Court of Appeals reversed the granting of a summary judgment which … Continue reading


City’s summary judgment reversed and remanded under failure to address Patel due-course-of-law analysis; dismissal of all other constitutional challenges to utility late fee ordinance affirmed

Gatesco Q.M. Ltd d/b/a Quail Meadows Apartments, a Texas Limited Partnership v. City of Houston, 14-14-01017-CV (Tex. App— Houston [ 14th Dist.], October 20, 2016) In this case the 14th Court of Appeals affirmed-in-part and reversed-in-part the granting of the … Continue reading