Dallas Court of Appeals disagrees with El Paso Court of Appeals and holds civil service commission dismissal of grievance is still subject to appeal to district court

Rodney D. Bailey v. Dallas County, et al.,  05-16-00789-CV (Tex. App. – Dallas, December 21, 2017) This is a county civil service case where the Dallas Court of Appeals affirmed-in-part and reversed-in-part the County Defendants’ plea to the jurisdiction filed … Continue reading


DFW may have waived immunity regarding contract for credit-card fee analysis due to presence of “good faith” revision clause

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Board v. Vizant Technologies, LLC Formerly known as P.E. Systems, LLC (Tex. App— Dallas, December 15, 2017) This is a contractual immunity case where the Dallas Court of Appeals affirmed-in-part and denied-in-part the Airport Board’s plea … Continue reading


Amarillo Court of Appeals holds private company contracted to run city buses did not establish it was entitled to derivative immunity

Charles Brown v. Waco Transit System 07-16-00258-CV (Tex.App—- Amarillo, October 27, 2017)  The Amarillo Court of Appeals reversed an order granting a plea to the jurisdiction by the Waco Transit System, Inc. (“WTSI”). Brown alleges he suffered personal injuries while … Continue reading


Interlocutory appeal mooted by Plaintiff’s non-suit, even though Plaintiff refiled similar suit directly after dismissal

City of Sealy, et al.  v. Town Park Center, 01-17-00127-CV (Tex. App. – Houston [1st Dist.], August 24, 2017). This is an opinion where the court held the appeal is moot, but where the City asserted mootness was not applicable … Continue reading


4th Court of Appeals holds City’s “evergreen clause” in collective bargaining agreement does not create unconstitutional debt

  City of San Antonio v. San Antonio Firefighters’ Association, Local 624, 04-15-00819-CV (Tex. App. – San Antonio, August 23, 2017). This is a permissive appeal, which was allowed by the court, where the City requested the Court of Appeals … Continue reading


4th Court of Appeals holds developer properly pled breach of contract claim for wastewater development agreement

NBL 300 Group Ltd v. Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority 04-17-00264-CV (Tex.App— San Antonio, August 16, 2017) This is an immunity/breach of contract case where the San Antonio Court of Appeals reversed the granting of Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority’s (“GBRA”) plea to the … Continue reading

San Antonio Court of Appeals holds river authority can be compelled to attend contract arbitration

San Antonio River Authority v. Austin Bridge & Road, L.P. and Hayward Baker Inc. 04-16-00535-CV ( Tex.App— San Antonio, August 9, 2017) This is an interesting case where the issue of sovereign immunity impacts whether an entity is a “party’ … Continue reading