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RSH logoThe Law Offices of Ryan Henry, PLLC is dedicated to the efficient, effective, professional and high-quality representation of local governmental entities, such a municipalities, counties and special districts.

Not every local governmental entity needs or can afford to have a full-time attorney in-house. However, all of them need competent legal representation in order to maneuver the minefield of legal issues they face every day. Most entities are looking for a lawyer skilled in the nuances of governmental representation along with a personality and relationship they can trust.

Local governmental entities have very particular needs; from constitutional obligations, to specialized whistle blower rules, to open meetings and open records, to sovereign immunity. The rules are very different when working with a governmental entity client. The Law Offices of Ryan Henry is distinctively familiar with those very different rules.


I believe in a simplistic, “less is more” approach as well as a focus on the people behind the entity who make it work. Understanding what it takes to run a local government is a primary ingredient to successful representation. I can provide cost-effective and professional services that help get the job done. Contact me to see about adding us to your local government team.

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